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session 1 Functional English (ADP)

session 1 Functional English (ADP)

session 1 Functional English (ADP)

This course is meant to introduce the 1st semester students of management sciences department to Functional grammar, with the ultimate purpose of improving their Academic Writing Skills in English. As it is an established fact that English language is the commonly used vehicle for communication between people in social and academic contexts, so it is very important to equip the aspiring university graduates with English language skills to facilitate their academic success. This course will develop understanding of the students regarding, how language users convey meaning through their choice of words and grammatical structures in specific situations. It includes analyses of authentic texts and hands on practice. This course is aiming at:
• Increasing awareness of the form, meaning, and usage of target structures

• Providing practice which will help students internalize the grammar

• Increasing students’ ability to monitor their own and others’ language use

• Providing opportunities for spontaneous, communicative use of grammar structures.

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